NASA Revealed How The Earth Would Look Like With No Water

Nasa made an outstanding animation of Earth, and there is no water on it. Those images looked like Britain when some of its lands were taken away into the sea 12,000 years ago.

The clip shows us all the solid ground like mountains, hills, and all the continents that we know about, just as we know them. At first, it starts with the high ground than every second, and the sea level is decreased. The clip will show us what Earth will look like if the sea level drops with 500 meters.

Doggerland, like it’s known, is the ancient land bridge that would have allowed humans and wildlife to walk between the UK and mainland Europe. One thing is fascinating, 8,200 years ago, over 100,000 thousand Brits were killed by a tsunami.

Doggerland is at the bottom of the North Sea. Although the subject greatly displeases scientists, almost nothing is known about this stretch of land, considered by some to be a “lost continent.”

NASA Revealed How The Earth Would Look Like With No Water

Specialists think that a continental shelf between Alaska and Russia allowed prehistoric humans to cross the Americas from east Asia. On the north-east coast of the United Kingdom, researchers have found traces of children and adults.

They were kept in sand-covered forests for over 7,000 years. There are other examples two: fishers caught in their nets bones and instruments 9,000 years old, because this area was one of the most beneficial for hunting, catching birds and fishing in Europe.

At the bottom of the North Sea, no trace of a permanent settlement has been discovered so far, but researchers know that the hunters wandered Doggerland before being swallowed by water.

It was a region with hills with not too steep slopes. Today, the vast waters of the North Sea have remained and the secrets that researchers are now trying to decipher. Also, the clip can take you places and open your imagination. It’s impressive how far technology brings us every day.

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