NASA Reveals Plan For Future Moon Base

NASA made public its plan to set up a base on the moon, as it will be an intermediate checkpoint for astronauts that are en route to Mars.

The base would be part of the Artemis program and will make traveling between various parts of the solar system easier while also enhancing the way scientists can analyze the moon.

Plans For The Base

The base would feature a rover designated for astronaut transportation on the moon, some mobile living quarters that would allow astronauts to go on exploration trips for up to 45 days at a time.

Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator, stated that, after the agency’s 20-year experience in low-Earth orbit living, it is ready for the next step – setting a base on the moon.

“For years to come, Artemis will serve as our North Star as we continue to work toward even greater exploration of the moon, where we will demonstrate key elements needed for the first human mission to Mars,” Bridenstine said.

The report from NASA revealed a three-domain strategy for long-term space exploration under the Artemis project – low Earth orbit, Mars, and the intermediate checkpoint, the moon.

Future Plans

The lunar base will encourage private companies to make use of it for scientific research. Robots will analyze the satellite for essential data. The planned VIPER rover will search for water on the moon, in any form.

Robots will explore the moon before humans do so for safety and efficiency reasons.

To sum it up, the agency plans to expand lunar exploration to its maximum potential, a truly ambitious goal, but a doable one.

The report ends encouragingly:

“If we are to leave a legacy of greatness, hope, limitless opportunity, and growth to future generations, then it is a mission we cannot afford to postpone.”

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