NASA Reveals Quiet Supersonic Aircraft

NASA has revealed a new powerful aircraft that might halt us into the future. The reveal depicted a supersonic plane that is, allegedly, as fast as Concorde but doesn’t come with the thunderous sonic noise.

The plane, known as the X-59 Quiet SuperSonic Technology (QueSST) aircraft, has been given all the approbations for its final assembly and could rise to the skies as early as 2021. Also dubbed the ‘son of Concorde’ after the Mach 2 airliner, the QueSST is able to reach more than 1,090 mph, which is 1,754 km/h. The aircraft is built for supersonic flight while preventing its sonic noise from being heard from the ground.

Bob Pearce, NASA’s associate administrator for Aeronautics, reported: “The project is on schedule, it’s well planned and on track. We have everything in place to continue this historic research mission for the nation’s air-traveling public. The plane is shaped to reduce the loudness of a sonic boom, meaning as the plane passes over, people on the ground will only hear a ‘gentle thump.'”

Quiet Supersonic Aircraft

To test the public feeling of this quiet aircraft, NASA intends to fly the plane over particular U.S. communities. They will also help supervisors create new rules to make commercial supersonic air travel over land possible, as NASA said. To no surprise, the supersonic aircraft is not that cheap to create.

The plane’s construction, which is taking place at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company’s Skunk Works factory in Palmdale, California, is thought to register a cost of about $250 million. NASA intends to develop the plane completely by late 2020, so it could launch it in 2021.

Craig Nickol, NASA’s project manager for the X-59, said: “By about a year from now, they should have most of this aircraft assembled and the subassemblies mated together. And a little over a year from now, this aircraft should be ready to go into major testing.”

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