NASA Says Alien Life Could Be Lurking In Mars Ancient Caves

Experts believe that if there’s life on Mars, it could only be hiding in the deep underground caves.

As Sci-Fi as this theory might sound, it’s supported by NASA experts, and the US space agency revealed that they’ll be sending a new rover to the Red Planet during the course of this summer.

Martian Underground life theory 

According to, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory research scientist Vlada Stamenković explained the Martian underground life theory at a recent space event.

At the Mars Extant Life conference, Stamenković reportedly said: “The surface of Mars is a very oxidizing, radiation-heavy environment where liquid water is not really stable for an extended amount of time.”

He also said: “It’s the worst place to look for life-sites on Mars. Groundwater might be the only habitat for extant life on Mars, if it still exists today.”

Mars’ surface is cold, dry and this means that there’s lots of radiation there.

The underground could be more habitable for life forms and it may also have some form of stable water supply as well, according to the latest info coming from Fox News.

Some experts believe that agile robots should be built that could have the ability to try and explore the cave systems on Mars.

More than 1,000 potential cave entrances 

It’s been also revealed that more than 1,000 potential cave entrances have been mapped on the Red Planet by the US Geological Survey’s (USGS) Astrogeology Science Center.

“Building nimble robots to enter all these potential caves would be costly and intricate. Stamenković has proposed that Nasa could use a rover that could sense underground groundwater or chemicals associated with life from the surface,” according to the online publication mentioned above.

You should check out the original article in order to find out more.

Mars was in the spotlight when it’s been revealed that NASA’s InSight lander has found hundreds of marsquakes on the Red Planet.

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