NASA Says That Five Massive Asteroids Are Just About To Whiz By Earth

NASA is revealing to the exciting public news about five new asteroids that will pass Earth today. One from the five asteroids has a size larger than Big Ben, and it is called 2019 YW1. The asteroid has a volume between 154 to 361 feet, while Big Ben has a capacity of 320 feet. NASA’s select risk list is including the moving objects that are around 4.65 million miles away from our planet and can represent a danger for humankind.

The asteroid 2019 YW1 passed at a distance of 3.1 million miles away from Earth, alongside a little space rock named 2019 YT2. Another asteroid will pass today near our planet at a distance of 415.609 miles away, and it goes by the name 2019 YL3. We mentioned NASA’s list with potentially hazardous objects, and these five asteroids are on the close approach section.

However, the asteroid 2019 YW1 is representing a severe risk, and it is regarded with caution because, in size, the object is larger than the Chelyabinsk, which crashed in 2013 in Russia. The impact of that asteroid caused injury to more than 1.000 people, and a lot of houses affected.

Unfortunately, Chelyabinsk’s effect wasn’t on NASA’s list, and the impact was not predicted. So the concerns are serious when it comes to big surprises that could hit Earth without us knowing. Besides this, the other two asteroids called 2019 YR3 and 2019YS3 will pass Earth today as well, and they have a size between 98 to 256 feet. Also, even if the asteroid 2019 YL3 is at a distance of 415.609 miles away, it has a capacity more significant than the Chelyabinsk asteroid.

Finally, these five asteroids don’t represent a warning to us, so there is no need for worrying. Analyzing all the asteroids that they have on the list, NASA is not giving more than one chance at a maximum of 7.000 for an impact with Earth.

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