NASA Scientist Says He Found Evidence Of Life On Mars

Alien life has likely been found on Mars in the 1970s, Gilbert Levin, a former NASA scientist, said. The fact that the Red Planet ​might hold life has been debated for decades, but until now, not many respected scientists could discuss this subject with confidence.

Mr. Levin made the astonishing suggestion in Scientific American and said that the Viking mission discovered signs of alien life. There is no evidence to claim otherwise, the scientist wrote. Moreover, laboratory research has clearly shown that some terrestrial microorganisms could survive and grow on the Red Planet.

Viking Missions Discovered Signs Of Alien Life On Mars

The Viking trips were NASA’s first missions to Mars. Soil samples from the dry planet were collected by two different landers to search for signs of biological life.

Mr. Levin himself conducted one of the tests, merging martian soil samples with organic compounds for signs of carbon dioxide (CO2). Any microorganisms that existed in the soil would have metabolized the component and generated the greenhouse gas.

As per MailOnline, the tests provided the researchers with four positive results which were duplicated by both landers, in spite of them being positioned approximately 4,000 miles apart.

However, NASA has then failed to note in the following tests it discovered microorganisms. The space agency further claimed the samples provided no definite evidence for the presence of living microorganisms near the landing sites.

Mr. Levin said his evidence is supported by the proof of water on the surface of the Red Planet. He detailed how, overall, there are positive results from a largely used microbiological test, supportive responses from steady and varied sources, duplication of the LR – or Labelled Release life detection experiment, led by Mr. Levin – results at both of the Viking sites, replication of the experiment at the two locations, and the failure throughout the last 43 years of any experiment or hypothesis to provide a clear nonbiological explanation of the Viking LR results.

Mr. Levin’s piece was titled ‘I’m Convinced We Found Evidence of Life on Mars in the 1970s.’

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