NASA Shock: Mars Mission Discovery Baffles Experts

It’s been revealed that an unexpected Mars mission discovery shocked scientists. They are now reportedly able to put together the early chapters of the dramatic history of the Red Planet.

The space agency released new, unexpected info about a new finding that’s been made on Mars.

Studying Mars’ upper atmosphere 

According to data coming from the online publication, the red planet is now studied by MAVEN which is the first spacecraft that’s been designed in order to study the Mars upper atmosphere in order to better understand the evolution of the climate that’s on the Red Planet.

It’s been revealed that by measuring the wind speed and the direction near the very top of the atmosphere, MAVEN has discovered that high-altitude wind currents are disturbed by terrain features that are far below.

NASA called this discovery unexpected and surprising and this means that MAVEN can sense the presence of mountains and valleys on the planet’s surface.

NASA created a video in order to illustrate all these details and the space agency explained the following:

“Early in its history, Mars had a far more hospitable climate than the one that we see today, with a thick atmosphere and abundant flowing water. So how did it evolve from warm and wet to cold and dry?’ the space agency says.

NASA continued and said: “Since 2015, NASA’s MAVEN mission has been investigating this question by studying the red planet’s upper atmosphere. Now, it has mapped high-altitude global wind patterns at Mars for the first time.”

“During the closest part of its orbit, MAVEN skims through the upper atmosphere, ingesting air molecules and determining their composition with an instrument called NGIMS,” according to the space agency as cited by the online publication

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In other news, NASA’s Jupiter spacecraft found a massive cyclone on Jupiter during a recent flyby.

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