NASA Takes A Mindblowing Photo: New “Chaotic, Stormy” Jupiter Image

NASA has some really amazing pics from the Mission Juno spacecraft. These revealed a “chaotic, stormy” surface on the planet Jupiter and they are offering experts extended knowledge about the origins and evolution of the planet.

During its latest flyby of Jupiter, NASA’s spacecraft managed to capture a view of the planet’s northern hemisphere which is known as a folded filamentary region.

The space agency described the location as “a chaotic, stormy area”. It’s also worth noting that Jupiter has no solid surface in the same way that our planet does.

Deeper and longer-lasting winds 

Such data that’s been collected by Juno is showing that some of the giant planet’s winds are running deeper, and they’re also lasting longer than what we have here on Earth. notes that citizen scientist Kevin M. Gill created the color-enhanced image using data from the JunoCam camera. It’s also worth noting that the original photo was taken back on December 26 last year.

Back then, Juno was at about 23,500 km from the tops of the planet’s clouds.

NASA said: “Juno will let us take a giant step forward in our understanding of how giant planets form and the role these titans played in putting together the rest of the solar system.”

In other words, Juno will determine how much water is in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

Jupiter also has a Texas-sized cyclone 

Back in December, Juno discovered something else as well.

It’s been reported that Jupiter has a new massive cyclone. NASA’s Jupiter spacecraft found the storm during a recent flyby, and according to the space agency, the solar-powered probe discovered this cyclone during the 22nd flyby back in November to collect data on the gas giant.

You should read more details in the original article.

The photos that we addressed at the beginning of the aeticle are from Juno’s 24th flyby.

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