NASA Tests Cosmic Radiation Around The Moon – Here’s How

NASA is planning to test a new cosmic radiation-blocking vest in 2020. If you’re wondering how they will do this, well, the space agency plans to send a pair of dummies on a trip around the Moon.

It’s been revealed that one of the main obstacles, when we’re talking about space travel, is the dangerously high level of radiation that’s coming from the Sun and deep space. This would constantly blast astronauts.

The vest that NASA plans to test is called StemRad, and experts want to measure how well it can protect one of the two dummies that will be sent in space, says the online publicaiton Futurism, citing the info from

The vest could protect humans in the next moon mission 

It’s been revealed that NASA will be better prepared to send humans to the surface of the Moon once more after the vest is tested and if it turns out useful.

The vest reportedly looks pretty similar to the one that dentists use to place over a patient before x-raying the patient’s mouth.

It’s been specially designed to shield a woman’s torso and block sensitive body parts, which include the stomach, lunges, and bone marrow. revealed that it could be adjusted to fit a man’s body as well. The vest measures about 57 pounds.

By strapping this vest onto a dummy and launching it into space, NASA can get a better idea of how to protect the woman astronauts that they plan on sending to the Moon in 2024.

NASA was recently in the spotlight not too long ago, when it’s been revealed that the space agency found something pretty worrisome.

A recent discovery of a speedy asteroid is rushing around the Sun on a trajectory harming three possible crashes soon, worried NASA.

It’s been revealed that the earliest period on which the asteroid could smash is on November 2, 2020.

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