NASA Warning: 128-Foot Asteroid Is Approaching Our Planet Today

Humanity is currently dealing with something that will probably end up being the most severe disaster of our generation. The crisis is on a global scale, and it’s triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

As you know by now, our planet has been hit by a massive disaster which triggered the deadly disease called the Covid-19.

An asteroid will pass Earth today 

Now, NASA warns us that a massive asteroid is on its way to our planet, but this may turn out just another asteroid that will be passing by. The most severe threat will still remain the coronavirus.

It’s been revealed that NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) is currently monitoring a massive asteroid that’s expected to approach Earth today.

CNEOS says that the approaching space rock is called 2020 FB2. The agency has estimated that this is about 128 feet wide, and it’s moving across the Solar System with a speed of about 24,000 miles per hour.

“Based on 2020 FB2’s natural orbit, the asteroid is a member of the Apollo family of space rocks. As an Apollo asteroid, 2020 FB2 follows an Earth-crossing orbit, which means it occasionally intersects the path of Earth as it travels around the Sun,” the online publication writes.

The asteroid will also cross the orbits of Mars and Venus 

Apart from Earth, 2020, FB2 is also known to cross the orbits of other planets such as Mars and Venus.

It’s also important to highlight the fact that the space rock will probably not hit us but instead, but if it were to change its course, it will burn up in the sky and cause a violent explosion in the atmosphere. This will probably not be the case.

Not too long ago, it’s been reported that Professor Alan Fitzsimmons is looking for support on a multinational space mission that could actually save our planet.

He stated that there’s a possibility that there’s a space rock out there that can catch NASA off-guard, and that’s why we need ways to be able to change the trajectory of an asteroid.

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