NASA Warning: 75-Foot Asteroid Approaches Earth Today

It’s been revealed that NASA released a warning regarding a new asteroid that’s racing towards our planet. The space rock will approach us today.

The asteroid has been identified by NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) as 2019 WH4.

According to Ibtimes, based on the agency’s observations, this space rock is flying towards our planet at an estimated speed of around 18,000 MPH. CNEOS made sure to highlight the fact that the asteroid is about 75 feet wide.

2019 WH4 is an Apollo asteroid 

2019 WH4 has been officially classified as an Apollo asteroid.

NASA revealed that the Apollo asteroids are space rocks that have very wide orbits within the Solar System.

From time to time, the orbit of an Apollo asteroid can intersect with the one of our beloved planet since it goes around the Sun.

It’s been also revealed that due to such intersections, this latest asteroid that we mentioned above has been labeled as a near-Earth object.

If this ended up hitting our planet, it could trigger the same devastating results and create an explosion similar to the one that has been produced by the asteroid that detonated over Russia back in 1908, writes the same online publicaiton that we mentioned above.

Back then, the incident was named the Tunguska event, and it happened over a remote region. It’s been revealed that three people might have died back then, but if the asteroid hit a more populated area, the disaster would have been massive.

Another asteroid NASA discovery 

In other asteroid-related news, a recent discovery of a speedy asteroid is rushing around the Sun on a trajectory harming three possible crashes soon, worries NASA.

Scientists from the Space Agency approximates the earliest period on which the asteroid could smash is on November 2, 2020.

The asteroid, called Asteroid 2018 VP1, is an Appolo-version Near Object, measuring 6.57ft, and it weighs around 35.273 pounds.

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