NASA’s Astronaut Captures Amazing Photo of the Amazon River from the International Space Station

Astronauts see a lot of things from their position on the International Space Station (ISS). Most people will never have the chance to see what these astronauts see from there, and our planet is beautiful.

The ISS orbits Earth at about 250 miles, which means that the space station makes 16 trips around our planet every day.

One astronaut from NASA, that’s onboard the ISS has captured a fantastic photo of the Amazon River. This astronaut is called Jessica Meir, and she’s part of NASA’s Expedition 61 and 62

She tweeted the great picture of the world’s largest river. She also wrote a post saying that this year, she is thankful for the incredible opportunity to see the precious planet Terra from above, and she is also grateful for all the people on the ground that are trying to protect it. She then wrote #HappyThanksgiving.

NASA’s Astronaut Captures Amazing Photo of the Amazon River from the International Space

Her photo makes its appearance just days after she tweeted a fantastic picture of London at night. For that photo, she wrote, “Behold the bright lights of fair London town!” she then described to us the city lights from above: which looked like the images of spider webs, shattered glass, or fractal art.

Then, she proceeds to talk about her memories with her relatives and friends, which are strongly linked to this city. She then writes that she’s thinking of all the people from the low orbit of Earth.

On those nights that are clear, it’s possible to see the International Space Station, which passes overhead in the night sky. NASA explained that it’s the third brightest object found in the air, and it is quite easy to spot it if you know when to look for it.

It’s visible with the naked eye, and it looks like a fast-moving plane, which is much higher, and which is traveling thousands of miles an hour.

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