NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Takes a Selfie to Celebrate Its New Record

The Curiosity rover is a car-sized robot specially built to explore Mars. On 6 March this year, Curiosity managed to climb an extremely high mountain on the red planet. Just before finishing its expedition, the android took a 360-degree selfie on the Martian hill. In the picture, the researchers spotted the Greendeugh Pediment, which is the highest point ever climbed on Mars.

Up until now, researchers stated that all forms of life need water supply to exist. After the discovery that Mars used to have a humid atmosphere that throughout the years has evaporated, NASA decided to research more on this matter.

Ever since the beginning of its mission days, Curiosity has been placed in the vicinity of Mount Sharp. This five kilometers mountain is thought to be a former ancient Martian lake where scientists suppose that life existed once.

The Curiosity Mars Rover Takes A Selfie To Mark Its New Record

Curiosity is digging for rock samples and searching for biological material that could demonstrate the existence of other forms of life in that particular area. The robot is equipped with a robotic arm bearing a resemblance to a “selfie stick.” Additionally, at the end of the extensible arm, there is the Mars Hand Lens Camera, which is used for tacking micro pictures of the alien material.

Since the capture area of the camera is very small, Curiosity needs to take multiple shots to create one macro picture. For example, to form this picture, the robot took 86 separate images in a row.

After that, the pictures are combined in order to get the full image at a very high quality. In addition to this, Curiosity has a second camera positioned on its head, which is not used for pictures. It enables researchers to follow in real-time the whereabouts of the robot.

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