NASA’s Curiosity Rover Freezes Up On Mars

It’s been revealed that NASA’s Curiosity rover suffered a technical glitch on Mars.

CNET just cited official info and revealed the following: “Partway through its last set of activities, Curiosity lost its orientation,” according to Curiosity team member Dawn Sumner.

Mission update 

Sumner is a planetary geologist at the University of California, Davis, and he updated the mission this week.

It’s been also revealed that this rover is storing in its memory the body attitude and joint orientation as well.

The details include local landscape info, the location of the robotic arm and the directions that its instruments are pointing to.

All this data is helping the rover know exactly where it is on Mars and how it can move safely.

Unfortunately, it seems that “Curiosity stopped moving, freezing in place until its knowledge of its orientation can be recovered,” wrote Sumner.

On the other hand, the good news is that the rover is still in touch with the team back on Earth.

“The engineers on the team built a plan to inform Curiosity of its attitude and to confirm what happened,” according to Sumner. The experts are also starting to work hard in roder to prevent this glitch from happening again.

Back in December, Curiosity found something interesting on Mars

The Curiosity rover was in the spotlight at the end of last year when it’s been revealed that it discovered something on Mars.

There seem to be some really intriguing rounded formations that appear on the surface of Mars. The rover was able to take a few photos of a strange view on December 5.

Curiosity team member Susanne Schwenzer addressed the nodule-like rocks and described them as “little round items” in a rover mission update.

Schwenzer suggested that the smooth shapes “could be due to diagenesis or more generally water-rock interaction.”

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