NASA’s Curiosity Rover Shots High-Resolution Images on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover captured a detailed panorama recently utilizing more than a thousand pictures of Mars terrain. The images were shot by Curiosity back in 2019 with its telephoto lens. The result comprises views of 1.8 billion pixels.

By utilizing the medium-angle lens, the rover captured a second, but a smaller panorama that contains 650 million pixels. We can see Curiosity’s robotic arm and deck. The pictures were shot by the rover last year, between November 24 and December 1.

Curiosity performed its task during the Thanksgiving holiday, while the team took some time off. But, before they left, they prepared commands to place the rover’s cameras and be sure that its pictures would be perfect.

NASA’s Sharpest Photographer Is the Curiosity Mars Rover

Curiosity captured pictures between noon and 2 PM, when the lighting was more accurate, for four days. Both panoramas unveil Curiosity’s actual place of Glen Torridon. It’s an area close to the Mount Sharp known for Scotland’s Northwest Highlands, which comprise some of the most ancient rocks.

On the Red Planet, Glen Torridon contains a lot of clay mineral deposits that the rover has been examining. It’s situated in Gale Crater, a large and dry old lake bed with an almost 16,404-foot mountain at its top. Mount Sharp’s peak is higher than the edge of the crater. Lakes and streams most probably supplied Gale Crater billions of years ago, which is why NASA settled the rover there back in 2012.

Ashwin Vasavada, from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Curiosity’s project manager, explained how the recent event is the first time during the mission when a 360-degree panorama was realized.

He also stated: “While many on our team were at home enjoying turkey, Curiosity produced this feast for the eyes.” Back on Earth, the team carefully place the pictures together for developing the panorama. An advanced tool on the JPL site lets you zoom in and observe background details.

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