NASA’s Lunar Gateway Will Happen After Five Years Of Procrastination

The Lunar Gateway has been on NASA’s list for over five years. The project aims to build a small outpost around the Moon. However, these robots do not have the necessary power propulsion system to send the astronauts into space. During these five years of waiting, NASA has been trying to find a way of bringing back humans on the Moon.

NASA has been working on the Artemis plan for more than one year. The Artemis initiative has the purpose of sending astronauts to the Moon by 2024. The project includes a “Command Module” as well as a Human Landing System that would facilitate the landing on the Moon.

NASA’s Lunar Gateway Mission Will Take Place

Doug Loverro is NASA’s chief of human spaceflight whose aim is to build an entire lunar lander for the surface of the Moon and launch it at the same time with the astronauts. This initiative bears a resemblance to the Apollo Program, and Loverro will most probably detail his views this year in April.

In addition to these announcements, NASA declared on 27 March that they are planning on sending a renewed version of their Dragon spacecraft XL to bring provisions to the Lunar Gateway in the mid-2020s. To confirm and further explain NASA’s views on this ambitious project, the Gateway program manager, Dan Hartman, has given official declarations about their plans.

He stated that the Lunar Gateway mission is crucial because it will double the number of time astronauts spend on the surface of the Moon. Since time plays an essential role in this experiment, the human force will be able to pinpoint what living in the outer space means. Additionally, they will have enough time to understand better how to operate in the deep space and what are the risks that one is exposed to while being there. This mission will be the basis of humanity’s first steps on Mars.

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