NASA’s Mars Helicopter is Now Called Ingenuity

mars helicopter

The NASA Perseverance rover won’t be alone when reaching the Red Planet’s ground. It will transport the newly named Ingenuity Mars helicopter, as well, with it. The space agency confirmed the title choice this week. Ingenuity will try its first powered flight on another planet, becoming the first one to perform such a mission. NASA picked Ingenuity from lots of entries o the “Name the Rover essay contest” that offered Perseverance its name, too.

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter is Ready For Its Mission

The helicopter got its moniker thanks to an Alabama high school student, Vaneeza Rupani. She wrote a submission stating: “The Ingenuity and brilliance of people working hard to overcome the challenge of interplanetary travel are what allow us all to experience the wonders of space exploration.”

Perseverance had a similar story when a seventh-grader won the name competition. The Mars helicopter is considered a high-reward technology and a high-risk demonstration, too. It is placed in the rover’s body and will fly around with Perseverance on Mars for a short period before deployment. NASA wants Ingenuity to prove that powered flight can be done on the Red Planet’s surface.

The Mars 2020 Mission – Perseverance and Mars Helicopter

NASA explained that: “Along with investigating difficult-to-reach targets, such as cliffs, caves and deep craters, future aircraft could carry small science instruments or act as scouts for the human and robotic explorer on Mars or other celestial bodies.”

The Perseverance rover will fly to Mars this summer, probably July or August. If everything goes perfectly, it will arrive next year in February. NASA will finally be close to flight on another planet and set another milestone. The space agency revealed an epic tribute to space fans recently when it displayed approximately 11 million names installed on the Perseverance rover. The names have been engraved on silicon chips.

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