Near-Death Experiences Study Shed More Light On The Phenomenon

In most cases, people who underwent near-death experiences (also known as NDEs) will often mention visions of the afterlife, time distortions, and other strange phenomena.

Medical research related to life after death remains a controversial topic among the scientific community. Many patients that were exposed to such an experience will mention a strange light that appears at the end of the tunnel, voices, and even gates.

According to an esteemed professor who studied NDE cases, there is much to learn about the strange phenomenon. Many patients that were near death reported that the time appeared to slow down, and they saw their life flash before their eyes in the fashion of a movie shown at the cinema.

Select patients also experience a surprising feeling of clarity, peace, joy, and being one with the cosmic. There are also some interesting stories as some detail colors that aren’t visible on Earth, hearing noises that weren’t heard before, intense extrasensory perceptions, and the feeling that they left their physical body.

A researcher explores what happens during near-death experiences

Otherworldly features were also described, like the feeling of being taken to another realm of reality, meeting the spirits of religious and famous figures, or reaching a point of no return.

The researcher spent over 40 years on the research of NDEs and observed that many of the details described by the patients tend to surface quite often.

It was also observed that near-death experiences are influenced by one’s cultural background as people from different countries shared offered different points of view. It seems that NDEs tend to represent one’s vision of how death would look like, but further research is needed.

It is thought that in some cases, people who are close to death will remain conscious, and as long as blood passes through the brain, they will hear sounds and see lights that can be associated with an afterlife experience. Since near-death experiences do not include an actual death, the afterlife cannot be reached from a technical point of view.

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