New Asteroid 2020 ND Passes By Our Planet

The folks over at NASA have just released a brand new alert on 24 July. They are telling us that an asteroid about 50 percent larger than the London Eye – which is pretty big, by the way – will soon pass our planet. The officials representing NASA have given it the name Asteroid 2020 ND. The space agency has also decided to classify the asteroid as a potentially hazardous asteroid and as a Near-Earth Object. This scary asteroid has a diameter of between 120 and 260 meters.

Asteroid Bio

What is even more interesting is the fact that this is not the first time that Asteroid 2020 ND passes by our planet. According to NASA, it has passed by Earth at least five times in the past. The asteroid somehow manages to maintain a constant orbit around the Sun and it regularly comes close to Earth and even to Mars, our closest neighbor.

This asteroid is going to come quite close this time, however. It might be at just 5.086 million kilometers distance from our planet. The asteroid flies at about 48,000 kilometers per hour. That is fast even by cosmic standards.

Odds of Collision

The chances of this asteroid colliding with our planet is low at this time, but, according to the folks over at NASA, an asteroid collides with Earth about every 300,000 years. Well, a rock that is significant enough to harm us, since regular little space rocks and artificial satellites enter the Earth’s atmosphere on the regular. So you can relax, as we will probably not be affected by this menace. To the naked eye, this asteroid is not actually visible.

More Space Rocks

The Center for Near-Earth Object Studies, belonging to NASA, has managed to accurately estimate the fact that the 2016 EOY asteroid would soon orbit the Earth. This asteroid is part of the Apollo asteroid group, which orbits the sun.

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