New COVID-19 Symptoms Were Identified


Up until now, doctors were stating that the most common symptoms showing that you have been infected with coronavirus are high fever and persistent cough. However, researchers have discovered that “happy hypoxia” is starting to develop alongside many other COVID-19 symptoms.

A paper was recently published to Science Magazine and is showing that patients having extremely low oxygen pressure are capable of the function accordingly, even though they present a severe health condition. In most of the cases, the level of blood-oxygen stress is higher than 95%. The study is showing that this condition brings fewer chances of developing obvious respiratory difficulties.

New COVID-19 Symptoms And Much More

Nicholas Caputo is an emergency physician from New York. He has declared that this development is ominous in coronavirus patients, as per recent reports. Doctors have reported that so many people are coming suffering from this condition without even knowing. Therefore, this development is an example of an unusual perception that is caused by COVID-19, since normally we wouldn’t see this occurrence when it comes to pneumonia or influenza.

Therefore, a team of scientists is currently analyzing the implications of low blood pressure and how it could influence the development of a treatment against COVID-19. At the moment, many scientists are suggesting that there is no knowledge about how to detect hypoxia in its early stages and how it can help to avoid severe implications.

In addition to this, researchers have managed to provide evidence confirming that coronavirus can live not only in tear ducts but also in mucus that is present in those who have developed a pink eye due to COVID-19 infection. Research performed in China has demonstrated that COVID-19 and conjunctivitis are closely linked with each other. However, there is still more research to be done until doctors will be able to confirm that conjunctivitis is a symptom of COVID-19.

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