New Mind-Blowing Image Of Jupiter Is Out – See NASA’s Amazing Photo

NASA’s latest Jupiter image will definitely make your day.

Jupiter made headlines not too long ago when some new photos of Jupiter showed its turbulent weather in infrared.

In order to get these sharp images, a team of experts from NASA and the University of California, Berkeley combined data from the Hubble Space Telescope, the Juno probe that orbits Jupiter, and the Gemini Observatory on Earth.

Juno’s photos to become the most iconic shots of Jupiter 

The Juno mission to Jupiter managed to produce some amazing images that will probably become the most iconic shots of the solar system’s largest planet.

There have already been some memorable photos that have shows people how the gas giant’s only atmosphere looks. The latest photo that NASA revealed can be compared to a painting due to the surreal and gorgeous patterns that are flowing through the planet’s atmosphere.

Thie latest new image we’re referring to that’s been shared by the space agency comes from the spacecraft’s close approach to Jupiter back on February 17 when the coronavirus crisis was just beginning.

It’s been revealed that this image has been processed by citizen scientist Gerald Eichstädt, and it shows mysterious bands that run through the center of the image.

These bans have been spotted back in 2016, but experts are not really sure what these are exactly.

It’s also worth noting that NASA says the streaks are “layers of haze particles that float above the underlying cloud features.” There is also speculation claiming that these are influenced by jetstreams that exist on the other side of the bands.

Another interesting thing worth noting is the fact that Juno was about 15,610 miles above the planet’s atmosphere when it took this picture.

Among otheer things, Juno will continue to take photos once every 53 days until July 2021 according to the latest reports.

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