New Research Suggests That Blood Type Might Have A Say In The Severity Of Covid-19

A new study suggests that the blood type might be responsible for increasing your chances of getting infected and its severity.

About The Study

Danish experts analyzed the blood types of over 473,000 infected patients to more than two million from the general public.

They discovered that those with A, B, and AB blood types are likelier to get infected than those with type O.

In a similar study from Canada, researchers analyzed up to a hundred patients. They found out that those with blood types AB or A have higher chances of suffering from severe diseases needing mechanical ventilation and dialysis compared to those with blood type O or B.

So it turns out that, though we are all equal, we aren’t all built the same. As you know, all human blood is red (or at least shades of it), but not all blood has the same composition. Blood type has a say in many aspects of your life, though you may not be aware of it. Blood types basically refer to the presence of particular antigens on the red cells. There are four blood types:

  • A – you have A antigens
  • B- you have B antigens
  • AB – you have both A and B antigens
  • O – you have no antigens

Knowing your blood type is extremely important. You never know when something terrible happens, and you need a blood transfusion. Getting a transfusion from an inappropriate donor might be lethal! That is the reason why you should never lie about your blood type if a professional asks you about it.

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