New Scientific Technique to Identify Liars’ Intent has been Found

The continual discoveries in science help us better understand not only the physical but also the psychological facets of human behavior. A team of researchers from Dartmouth engineering has found a new technique to identify a speaker’s intent to deceive or lie.

The study was published in the Journal of Experimental & Theoretical Artificial Intelligence, and broadly describes the method’s structure. The framework could be created to withdraw opinion from ‘fake news,’ among other functionalities.

The scientists propose that while a true story can be handled into numerous deceiving shapes, the intent, and not the content of the message, establishes whether the communication is misleading or not. For instance, the speaker could have the wrong information or make a wrong assumption, which means they made an unintended error but did not intend to mislead.

New Approach of Spotting Liars’ Intent

The team of researchers created an innovative method and resulting algorithm that can tell misleading apart form all benevolent communications by extracting the universal features of deceptive reasoning. Even so, the structure is, at the moment, restricted by the volume of data needed to calculate a speaker’s deflection from their past arguments. The study utilized data from a survey taken in 2009 in which 100 participants took part and shared their opinion on polemical topics, as well as a 2011 dataset of 800 real and 400 unreal reviews of the same 20 hotels.

In the research, the scientists use the renown 2001 film Ocean’s Eleven to detail how the structure can be utilized to observe a deceiver’s arguments, which in reality may be very different from his true beliefs, leading to a falsified final expectation. For instance, in the movie, a group of thieves enters into a bank vault while concurrently telling the owner that he is being robbed so he would negotiate.

The thieves give the owner untruthful information, more precisely, that they will only take half the money if the owner doesn’t call the police. However, they expect the owner to seek the police’s help, which he does. The thieves then disguise themselves as police to take the totality of the vault quantity.

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