New Species, Discovered: Sharks Are Evolving To Walk On Land

There are four new species of shark that have been just discovered, and it seems that these are able to walk on land using four fins are stubby legs.

They are the most recently evolved type of shark known to science, according to the latest reports coming from CNET.

Sharks can “walk” on dry land

It’s been reported that these species still live in the water, and they are using their fins to crawl across the coral reefs, they can also wriggle briefly across the dry lands in order to migrate from one tide pool to another.

Futurism reports that in order words, this means that at the moment, there are nine known species of walking sharks. This is according to the latest info coming from exciting research that’s been published earlier this week in journal Marine and Freshwater Research.

As freaky as this might sound, sharks walking among us on dry land, it seems that experts have already said that, at least for now, there’s nothing to worry about.

“At less than a meter long on average, walking sharks present no threat to people,” University of Queensland researcher and lead author Christine Dudgeon stated in a press release.

She continued and explained, “But their ability to withstand low oxygen environments and walk on their fins gives them a remarkable edge over their prey of small crustaceans and mollusks.”

We recommend that you read the complete press release, and you should also check out the research that’s been published this week as well.

Something in the Pacific Ocean killed 1 million seabirds 

Speaking of water, it’s been recently reported that something unexpected in the Pacific Ocean killed 1 million seabirds.

It’s been revealed that about a million seabirds died at sea in less than a year in something that’s called one of the largest mass die-offs in recorded history.

Experts blame this on warm ocean waters.

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