New Study: Humans Won’t Live on Another Planet. Ever.

We are destroying our planet, and any idea of colonizing another planet when we’re done with this one is only a dream. This comes from Michel Mayor, who is an astrophysicist who won the Nobel Prize in physics this year, for the discovery of the first planet that’s orbiting a star that’s like our Sun outside our solar system.

When talking about exoplanets, one thing is sure: we cannot go there. He wanted to make things clear: we cannot just go to a livable planet if this one won’t be able to carry us anymore. All of the exoplanets out there that are known, all the planets outside our solar system, as a matter of fact, are too far away for us to get to. Even if we are optimistic, and there is a livable planet that’s not that far away, perhaps a few dozen light-years, we still won’t know when’s the right time to leave.

Mayor shared his award with Didier Queloz for discovering the first-ever exoplanet back in October 1995. They used instruments from the Haute-Provence Observatory, from the south of France, and they found a gas giant planet that’s similar to Jupiter. They named it 51 Pegasi b. The other half of the prize was given to James Peebles for his outstanding work in dark energy and dark matter.

Ever since then, more than 4,000 other exoplanets have been found in our galaxy. However, none of them can be reached.

A professor of the planetary astrophysics from the University of California, Stephen Kane, actually agrees with Mayor. He said that it’s quite sad that at this point, all stars are at a distance of infinity. we are still struggling to get to the Moon.

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