New Universe Discovery Is Unveiled

It’s been just revealed that an analysis of more than 200k spiral galaxies has revealed some pretty unexpected links between spin directions of galaxies and the structures that are formed by the links could suggest the fact that the early universe could have been spinning, as reported by a Kansas State University study via

It was also reported that Lior Shamir, a K-State computational astronomer, and computer scientist, revealed these findings during the 236th American Astronomical Society meeting in June 2020.

These discoveries are significant because the observations seem to be conflicting with some previous assumptions that have been made about the large-scale structure of the universe.

The website mentioned above notes that the patters in the distribution of the universe are separated by space and time and they are related through the directions in which they are spinning, says the study.

Observing the Universe in a different way 

“Data science in astronomy has not just made astronomy research more cost-effective, but it also allows us to observe the universe in a completely different way,” according to Shamir.

He continued and explained that “The geometrical pattern exhibited by the distribution of the spiral galaxies is clear, but can only be observed when analyzing a very large number of astronomical objects.”

It’s also worth noting that a spiral galaxy is a unique astronomical entity due to the visual appearance which depends on the observer’s perspective.

The website mentioned above also offers an example and says that a spiral galaxy that’s spinning clockwise when it’s observed from our planet would seem to spin counterclockwise when the observer is located on the opposite side of the galaxy.

The study concluded that the universe is not symmetric, “but also that the asymmetry changes in different parts of the universe, and the differences exhibit a unique pattern of multiples.”

We recommend that you check out the complete article in order to learn more details.

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