New Zealand Volcano Eruption Causes Tragedy – Five Dead And At Least 10 Other Missing

Tragedy struck New Zealand in the form of a volcanic eruption. There are being made massive efforts to locate at least ten people who are still missing on New Zealand’s White Island after the deadly volcanic eruption that took place today.

Five people died after the eruption 

New Zealand National Operation Commander Deputy Commissioner John Tims spoke at a press conference and said that out of 23 people who had been evacuated earlier in the day, five had already passed away.

He also highlighted the fact that there’s still an unknown number of people on White Island, but the emergency services could not gain access because the location was considered much too dangerous.

CNN revealed that he told the following to reporters: “The island is unstable … the physical environment is unsafe for us to return.”

Tims continued and said that those who had died were from a “range of nationalities,” but he did not comment further. He said he also couldn’t say how many people were still on the island, and it seems that the only thing that he continued to point out was that it was in the “double digits.”

Tims also explained that all the people who have been evacuated from the island were injured to some degree more or less severe and a lot of people have severe burns.

About 30 people were on the island when the tragic event happened 

According to a statement coming from the police, it seems that both New Zealanders and tourists were caught up in this tragic event. “Based on the information we have, it is likely that there are other (fatalities),” the Police said.

“Police are leading the search and rescue operation, and we are working at pace to confirm the numbers of those involved.”

It seems that more than 30 tourists were on the island at the time of the volcanic eruption.

Head over to CNN in order to learn the complete details.

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