Newly-Created Device Defies Isaac Newton’s Third Law

​Researchers were in for a puzzling discovery after they found out that one of Isaac Newton’s laws is actually possible. The Third Law of the famous scientist has been demonstrated in one of NASA‘s labs.

An ‘impossible’ rocket engine braved the laws of gravity while it was being tested, implying the fact that thrust could be gained without fuel in a space rocket. The radiofrequency resonant cavity thruster is a machine that could be utilized in providing spacecraft propulsion and aid humans get to the Solar System.

It claims to provide thrust by mirroring microwaves internally in the device, defying The Third Law of Isaac Newton, which states: “When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body.” ​

Defying Newton’s Law

The design, known as ‘EmDrive,’ was first created by Roger Shawyer, who presented his last paper in 2015. A year later, NASA had put the invention into practice, and was left amazed when the Advanced Propulsion Physics Laboratory noticed thrust while testing it.

Trace Dominguez detailed on YouTube channel Seeker how the device functions. He explained back in 2016: “The EmDrive device itself is so simple it almost seems like a prank, it’s basically a closed cone attached to a magnetron – the same thing your microwave uses.”

“According to the inventor, Roger Shawyer, it works by bouncing microwaves around inside the sealed cone. The waves carry momentum, and when they hit the reflective surfaces of the dome they impart their momentum to that surface. They exert more force on the large area of the cone, creating thrust, and somehow the drive moves in the opposite direction.”

Mr. Dominguez also explained how the invention defied Newton’s hypothesis.

“This explanation leaves many physicists hot and bothered because to them it appears the impossible drive is violating one of the fundamental laws of physics, Newtons’ Third Law. The one that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,” he said.

“By not releasing any propellant, there’s no action, so how could it have a reaction – move forward? We’ve known Newton’s Third Law for over 300 years, and it’s the basis for all propulsion technology,” Mr. Dominguez explained.

The presenter detailed exactly what the engine would be required to perform in order to make researchers think again about what they believe the Universe to be.

He continued: “But the way the impossible drive is supposed to work, is nothing gets out, the microwaves just bounce around inside the cone somehow creating thrust. If it obeyed Newton’s Third Law, the microwaves could put some pressure on the inside of the cone and bounce around, but it would go nowhere.”

Earth’s Magnetic Field Interfered

After two years, back in 2018, scientists in Germany have constructed their own EmDrive, with the aim to test unique propulsion concepts and deciding whether their apparent success is actually real. The team, led by Martin Tajmar from the Technische University Dresden, analyzed and tested the device in a vacuum chamber with numerous sensors and automated gadgets annexed to it.

When they turned on the system but amortized the power traveling to the actual device, so no microwaves were present around, the EmDrive still managed to generate thrust.

The team then concluded that the impact they observed is the outcome of Earth’s magnetic field in relation to the power cables in the chamber, a result that other specialists accept.

The team said: “The ‘thrust’ is not coming from the EmDrive but from some electromagnetic interaction.”

To find out what exactly is happening with the EmDrive, the team of researchers has to lock the device in a shield designed out of mu metals, which will isolate it against Earth’s magnetism.

A more powerful test is thought to have occurred in August 2019, and the science industry will soon find out the result of it when the paper will be released.

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