Nuclear War is One of The Two Existential Threats We Face​

According to some experts, the hazard of nuclear weapons being put to use now is much higher than it has been in a long time. A report came out earlier this year, more precisely in April, stating that the risk is now greater than it has been since the Cold War.

The report came straight from the House of Lords’ International Relations Committee and stated that the reason behind the intensified tensions, as well as new capabilities and technologies, is the continual disintegrating relationship among the states that own nuclear weapons. Moreover, one specialist now suggests this is the highest risk humanity has.

Bryan Walsh, the author of the book End Times, implies that the hazard of a nuclear war is far more possible than any other natural disaster, such as an asteroid collision or a supervolcano eruption. Mr. Walsh also agrees with the report unveiled by the House of Lords’ International Relations Committee.

In his book, Mr. Walsh offers, though, a ray of hope as it notes that the fate of nuclear war is in our own hands. Because the ability to destroy this world with nuclear weapons is in our hands, the capacity to save ourselves is also in our power.

When the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which is the organization leading the Doomsday Clock, revealed their annual report this year, they also mentioned the risk of nuclear war. This was one of their primary reason for keeping the clock at two minutes to midnight.

The hazard of nuclear war among states in power, which includes the US, Russia, and China is still a huge threat, the scientists suggest, with climate change also taking a huge spot in the concern for the future.

The organizers said that humanity is now standing face to face with two concurrent existential threats, either of which would be the origin for serious concern and immediate action.

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