‘Odd taste of wine’ The Early Sign of Heart Attack for This Mother-of-Two

A 47-years old mother of two, from Waterhouses,County Durham, states the very first indicator of  heart attack was her evening glass of wine ‘tasting funny.’ She wants to raise awareness with her story.

Louise McGill relates the bizarre event in vivid detail, as she thought it would be her last day. She remembers she returned from a family day out with her twin girls. The couple poured a glass of red wine, but soon after, she noticed her wine had a strange taste. Her husband assured her the wine doesn’t taste odd at all. 

She abandoned the glass and went to sleep. She woke up suddenly with unbearable chest pains and called 999. Her first thought was that it might be indigestion, but the pain ad pressure in her chest turned up to be something else. The paramedics revealed that she might have a heart attack, and every second counted saving her life. 

At the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, she underwent a stent procedure that reopened the wedged artery. The doctors noticed that her left coronary artery that sends blood to the left side of the heart was blocked, which provoked the heart attack. She stated: 

 As soon as the stent was put in place I immediately began to feel better. I couldn’t believe it was that quick. The surgeon said there is a second blockage in my other artery, but it’s not big enough to need a stent.

How to Recognize and Prevent a Heart Attack

The patients with a heart attack may encounter a broad array of symptoms, and one of them may be heartburn – an unpleasant taste in the mouth, told The Mayo Clinic.  More common symptoms are excruciating chest pains, anxiety, shortness of breath, and generalised weakness. 

Statistics show that the US paramedics witness 800,000 cases of heart attacks, while in the UK, there are 200,000 every year. 

Coronary heart disease has generally the main culprit for it. One can keep away from these risks by adopting a physically active lifestyle, quitting smoking (if it is the case), not drinking excessively, and choosing the right work-life balance. 

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