Ohio University Deletes Press Release Addressing Proof Of Life On Mars

Just the other day, we were reporting that a former NASA scientist told the world that life has already been discovered on the Red Planet. This has obviously blown up the whole Internet.

The expert reportedly made the shocking claim that life has been already found on Mars back in the 1970s. It’s essential to know that this is something that the government space agency has denied.

FoxNews reveals entomologist at Ohio University managed to go one step further, and he claimed that he has spotted “insect- and reptile-like creatures” on a photo of the Red Planet – these were reportedly both alive and dead.

FoxNews and other websites and online publications revealed photos and details about the issue.

The press release disappeared from the Ohio University website 

Now, Futurism writes that after the massive backlash, the press release has since disappeared from the Ohio University site.

The website notes that on EurekaAlert, the release has been replaced with a message that says it has been “removed at the request of the submitter.”

It’s been also revealed that a PDF poster of Romoser’s research, which includes images is available at ResearchGateand copies of the release are also available elsewhere on the web.

“The faculty member no longer wishes to engage with media regarding this research, so we have opted to remove the story from our website and EurekAlert,” Ohio University spokesperson Jim Sabin told Futurism.

NASA is skeptical about the idea of life on Mars

And regarding the controversial issue of life on Mars, NASA is skeptical.

“We have no scientific data that would support this claim,” stated NASA for CNET.

The space agency continued and said: “There is insufficient oxygen to sustain the metabolism of metazoans on Mars. On Earth, animals, especially as complex as these, need lots of oxygen. There are only traces in Mars’ atmosphere.”

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