Oldest Material On Earth Has Been Just Discovered

It’s been revealed that experts who are analyzing a meteorite have managed to discover the oldest material that’s known to exist on our planet.

Analysts found dust grains within the space rock. It’s also important to mention the fact that the space rock fell on our planet in the 1960s. The dust grains seem to be older than 7.5 billion years approximately.

Oldest dust grains found came to life before our solar system’s birth 

It’s been also revealed that the oldest of the dust grains have been formed in stars that came to life long before the Solar System was even born.

BBC revealed that a team of experts had described the result of the study that managed to make this discovery in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The website also mentions the fact that when stars are dying, particles that are formed within them will be flung out into space.

It’s also noted that these “pre-solar grains” as the website calls them will become incorporated into new stars, planets, moons, and meteorites.

“They’re solid samples of stars, real stardust,” according to the lead author Philipp Heck, a curator at Chicago’s Field Museum and associate professor at the University of Chicago.

40 pre-solar grains were analyzed 

It’s been also revealed that a team of experts from the US and Switzerland as well analyzed 40 such pre-solar grains that were contained in a piece of the meteorite that we mentioned above that fell in Australia back in 1969.

“It starts with crushing fragments of the meteorite down into a powder,” according to the co-author of the study Jennika Greer.

Greer continued and said, “Once all the pieces are segregated, it’s a kind of paste, and it has a pungent characteristic – it smells like rotten peanut butter.”

The conclusion was that based on how the cosmic rays interacted with the grains, most of them had to be about 4.9 billion years old. It’s also essential to mention the fact that our Sun is 4.6 billion years old, and our planet is 4.5 billion years old.

More research has to be made, and we recommend that you head over to the original article in order to learn more.

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