One of Einstein’s Theories Proves Right After Recent Discovery

Einstein seems to win big time again. Scientists got mesmerized by recent discovery and the way it matches one of the theoretical physicist’s theories. How was such a thing possible? The supermassive black hole at the core of our galaxy, dubbed Sgr A*, is orbited by a bunch of stars, which are beholden to its giant gravitational effects. After nearly 30 years of analyzing star S2, which orbits Sgr A*, scientists have come to a well-known conclusion; Einstein is always right. The research represents the actions of S2 over 27 years utilizing ESO’s (the European Southern Observatory) Very Large Telescope. S2’s orbit moves it very close to our galaxy’s supermassive black hole. That orbit offers an experimental and natural environment for scientists to test out Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Star Orbits Milky Way’s Black Hole

S2 moves around Sgr A* every 16 years. And it seems, the star got quite comfortable being around the mammoth black hole, which is at approximately 12.5 billion kilometers. Even at such a distance, the enormous gravity of the black hole keeps S2 whirling back time and again, for nearly three decades. In total, the ESO team realized 330 measurements of the star’s speed and position.

“After following the star in its orbit for over two and a half decades, our exquisite measurements robustly detect S2’s Schwarzschild precession in its path around Sgr A*,” detailed Stefan Gillessen, from the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics.

A Schwarzschild precession represents an orbit forecasted by Einstein’s theory. It discusses one cosmic body sweep around another in orbit “shaped like a rosette.” The extreme gravitational pull and the bending of space-time cause such a phenomenon. Another example of a procession in the Milky Way is the way Mercury orbits our host star. Every year, Mercury deviates a little bit, and its orbit rotates around Sun.

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