Oumuamua Might Be An Alien Probe, A Harvard Scientist Thinks


Professor Avi Loeb claims that Oumuama is an alien probe. This declaration comes one year and a half after the unconventionally-shaped purpose was observed orbiting in the outer space. In addition to this, they claimed that there are many more objects like this one to appear in the upcoming future.

Professor Loeb and Professor Frank B Baird from the Harvard University have both declared that the scientists do not have the necessary amount of time to draw conclusions and fully understand the origins of the unique object. However, researchers have suggested that Oumuama was formed through a complex process of and artificial thin solar sail that was affected by increased radiation pressure.

Oumuamua might be an alien probe, Avi Loeb stated

In addition to this, Professor Loeb is now collaborating with the Vera Rubin Observatory in order to discover more objects alive in the outer space and to provide more information on the topic, the primary focus being their origin. Therefore, the study might include observing several objects that are blocked in Jupiter’s orbit, as well as giving careful consideration to the Moon’s craters and their formation to find a lead regarding what could have caused the impact.

The most common theory relates that Oumuama has resulted after a red dwarf had a close encounter with a star. Professor Loeb is skeptical of this theory since this type of object is tough to encounter. Such purposes are formed when a tidal disruption occurs. Therefore, Loeb is suggesting that the occurrence of such a phenomenon is highly improbable. Additionally, no evidence could demonstrate the formation of Oumuamua through outgassing.

Professor Avi Loeb has even expressed his views regarding the fragile status of human life on Earth in light of the recent events threatening it. He suggests that sending proper machines to far distances to provide us information regarding the outer space might be crucial. In the meantime, he thinks that Oumuamua is an alien probe.

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