Overthrowing the Bing Bang Theory

In the science of cosmology, the generally accepted theory for a while now has been the Big Bang theory. As the evidence has gotten greater and greater over the years, most of the scientific community is as sure as it gets that this is how the Universe came into existence.

If that is the case, what do people have against it? Well, invisible dark matter, black holes and the shocking idea of this enormous universe being born in a millisecond seem to go beyond common sense.

Tired of people constantly telling them how to properly do their job, two scientists have decided to answer the most frequently asked questions about this subject. What came of their project is The Cosmic Revolutionary’s Handbook (Or: How to Beat the Big Bang). This book has the goal of explaining what all critics of the Bing Bang theory must know before a new theory for the origin of the cosmos is created.

According to Dr Luke A. Barnes, a postdoctoral researcher at Western Sydney University, the job of cosmologists is to attempt to explain the Universe as a whole. This includes explanation about its structure, its evolution and the constituents of the Universe. People often send them emails with their ideas and beliefs on the topic, emails which are responded to by the researchers with a lot of enthusiasm. The scientists, however, have found themselves to send out the same replies time and time again.

This book, which was co-authored by Barnes and Professor Geraint F. Lewis, who works for the faculty Astrophysics at the Sydney Institute for Astronomy, which belongs to the University of Sydney’s School of Physics, mentions that the science behind the field of cosmology is definitely not perfect, but is not arbitrary either.

The result is an original one: the overthrowing of the Bing Bang Theory. The book says what anyone who wants to come up with a better theory than the current one must first explain for it to even be considered.

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