People Keep Getting Fines For Leaving the House While Asked to Self-Isolate

​Three people in Amherst, Nova Scotia, have been found to not isolate as they were supposed to. They were disobeying the orders under the Health Protection Act and were fined, as per reports.

The Amherst Police Department stated that its officers wrote the summary offense tickets on Monday, April 6th, after they found out that three people who had recently crossed the border into the region were seen out as they were shopping at a local business.

As part of the Nova Scotia’s state of emergency, any person entering the province is required to self-isolate for 14 days, which is an order from the chief medical officer of health Dr. Robert Strang.

“The order states people must start self-isolating on the day they cross the border into the province and requires them to refrain from entering any building, public transportation or enclosed spaces, other than their own residence, where people are present,” stated Amherst police in a press release.

High Fines and Months in Jail for Those Who Aren’t Self-Isolating

Penalties under this paragraph of the Health Protection Act carry a $1,000 fine. This shows that the country is getting serious about the way it is responding to the crisis.

People who’ve been asked to self-isolate but won’t respect the orders will eventually end up fined or even issued jail time, according to news releases. Fines may be set to more than $50K in some states, as per officials.

Enforced self-isolation appears to no longer be voluntary as it was a while ago, but it is a formal public health order, and it is still under the orders of doctors who have issued the recommendations, but also under the administration forces.

The Daily Mail reported that WA has tickets up to $50K and/or 12 months in jail, and NSW issues a minimum fine of $11,000 and 6 months in jail.​

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