Pfizer Canada in short supply of EpiPen

Pfizer Canada is facing a shortage of EpiPen auto-injectors, an emergency treatment with severe allergic reactions.

The company is out of stock at least until March to the surprise of pharmacists to whom TVA News has announced the news.

There is no equivalent drug on the Canadian market.

Pfizer Canada explains this supply disruption by a manufacturing delay.

“I did not even know before you told me about it. It’s disturbing for a drug that’s so important, “says pharmacist Dikran Karlozian.

Out of some 20 pharmacies visited, no pharmacist knew about the problem at Pfizer Canada.

After verification in their system, the product is not available until March.

We can now wonder what will happen to people who had to renew their prescription EpiPen shortly.

A pharmacist answers that in an emergency, an adult could use two doses for children, which is equivalent to about one adult dose.

In a statement, Pfizer Canada says it works to avoid a long-term shortage in pharmacy.

It should be noted that wholesalers, pharmacies and distributors hold a limited amount of EpiPen: less than five auto-injectors in each pharmacy we visited.

Pfizer would have advised Health Canada of the problem and both organizations are trying to put together a recovery plan to correct the situation.

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