Physicists Have Built A Wormhole Using Two Black Holes

According to some physicists, wormholes could prove to be a useful way for space travel. Making feasible the voyage through space to the most remote places of the cosmos in a flash, wormholes could actually be possible to build.

Allegedly, Princeton physicists Juan Maldacena, Alexey Milekhin, and Fedor Popov​ have already built a traversable wormhole system in four dimensions. Their paper, dubbed ‘Traversable wormholes in four dimensions’ details the process and the physicists’ findings regarding wormholes.

Black Holes Are The Key

The physicists claimed they managed to construct the wormhole by placing a big magnetic charge close to extremal black holes. The resulting wormhole is an entangled state of two black holes, according to the scientists.

The paper details the traversable wormhole in four dimensions with no unusual matter. It balances regular and quantum effects, and it has a mundane space-time layout, which is prohibited in the classical hypothesis.

Black holes are intense pits of gravity where nothing, not even light, can escape. Researchers are, though, not sure what happens to an object after it is absorbed into a black hole.

Some researchers believe black holes act like wormholes between two locations in time and space. If the theory proves to be correct, such wormhole​s could be utilized to travel large distances in a split of a second, and perhaps even travel through time.

As per Dr. Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist at the City College of New York​, Einstein’s String Theory suggests the Universe is a bubble of sorts, in which case other Universes similar to a bubble exist, extend and crush on each other.

“But what about time travel? Again we have to rely on String Theory, but String Theory is not advanced enough to answer that question,” Dr. Kaku explained.

The physicist said that at the beginning, the String Theory might seem absurd, but it is a logical outcome to Einstein’s equations.

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