Physicists To Build A Real-Life Teleporter “Wormhole” Using Quantum Circuitry That Mimics Black Holes

There’s a visionary group of experts who are using quantum computers in order to model a real-lie wormhole, and they plan on using quantum circuitry that mimics black holes, according to the latest reports coming from Quanta Magazine.

When people are thinking about black holes, the general tendency is to imagine a megalithic ink-blot of darkness that’s gliding through the universe, stretching and eating everything around it, as Interesting Engineering online publication puts it.

On the other hand, the latest research reported in Quanta is suggesting that objects that are falling into a black hole that’s entangled with another one could be transmitted through the cosmos.

Quantum teleportation 

The term used by experts for this process is quantum teleportation, and this is a key exploit for experts who are building quantum computers.

The reality of motion from one black hole to another is quite similar to sending encrypted info between linked machines.

Human skills don’t necessarily include the ability to engineer black holes, but it’s been reported that the University of Maryland researchers Brian Swingle and Christopher Monroe told Quanta that they could build computers with quantum circuitry as substitutes. They would act like black holes.

The artificial black hole can be the same as a natural one 

Interesting Engineering notes that the suggestion that quantum circuitry would act like micro black holes is pretty strange. If this would work, then the artificial black hole would be no different than a real one.

The online publication mentioned above notes what would happen if the operation is successful:

“If or when the physicists succeed, they’ll send quantum information into one “black hole” circuit — which will twist and scramble and eat it up — moments before the same information pops into the second circuit, reassembled and decrypted.”

We recommend that you head over to the original article in order to learn more details on this amazing project.

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