‘Planet 9,’ A Theoretical Object Could Be Hiding In Our Solar System

The so-called ‘Planet 9′ is a sensitive issue to discuss, as the existence of it is intensely debated. Some physicists, however, argue that the primordial black hole, with the overall size of a bowling ball, is laying low in our Solar System.

That tiny, heavy cosmic object might be, in fact, a theoretical planet that some researchers called ‘Planet 9,’ and which devours other objects on the Solar System. The scientists have composed an argument for the mysterious planet’s existence. Here it is.

Planet 9, So Mysterious That It Hasn’t Been Discovered Yet

At a decent distance from the core of our Solar System, beyond where Neptune orbits, there are a few small objects that behave rather peculiar. These ‘trans-Neptunian objects’ (TNOs), gather together in strange ways, and they tend to rotate around axes that are aimed toward one wide belt of the sky. The TNOs also spin-off in a different plane than the eight known planets. That fact alone suggests that something else is attracting them with its gravity.

Some scientists have monitored that peculiar behavior, run some calculations, and arrived at the conclusion that there must be another planet on the skirts of the Solar System. It has to be a planet that is 10 to 20 times bigger than the Earth, and which follows an askew orbit that takes it hundreds of times Earth’s distance from our Sun.

This theory is called ‘Planet 9,’ and the hunt for the object has gone for years, but with not much outcome so far.

Does Planet 9 Even Exist?

Some scientists vehemently doubt that such a planet could exist at all.

The idea of a planet hiding out there beyond the TNOs does not make much sense, said Nathan Kaib, an astronomer at the University of Oklahoma​.

​However, some astronomers still think there is a planet on the skirts of our Solar System. The evidence that’s been found so far was enough for them to begin the hunt for Planet 9, a hunt that has gone for a while now.

Even so, no one is willing to bet on it yet.

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