Planet 9 Cosmic Alignment: Eight Planets Could Align Perfectly In The Solar System

According to modern space science, there are eight planets after Pluto lost its planetary status, even though mixed opinions are coming from experts.

In most posters and science books that are depicting the solar system, we’ve all seen the planets aligned in a single line.

The question is if we will ever see the seven neighboring planets lining up perfectly.

Even if artists have represented eight planets aligning flawlessly in a straight line, such a cosmic phenomenon is really hard to see because the planets in the solar system are not sharing parallel orbits.

But, according to the online publication IBTimes, this doesn’t mean that such an event will never happen again.

Get ready for May 6th, 2,492

Science Focus reports that in the year AD 949, such an alignment happened, and they reveal that in the future, this will be happening again on May 6th, 2492.

According to the very same report, the gravitational pull that will be caused by this event will not have any important effects on our planet.

Conspiracy theorists mention Planet 9

You may be aware by now that there are certain conspiracy theorists who believe that the theoretical Planet 9 which may be lurking at the edge of our solar system might be creating gravitational impacts when it aligns with our planet.

According to some theories, Planet 9 is extremely big, and that’s why the gravitational pull is bigger compared to the one of Earth.

It’s been said that Planet 9 might not even be a planet after all – it might be a primordial black hole.

Primordial black holes and smaller black holes that have been formed after the Big Bang.

The so-called ‘Planet 9′ is a sensitive issue to discuss, as the existence of it is intensely debated.

It was recently reported that scientists have composed an argument for the mysterious planet’s existence.

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