Planet Nine might be an Ancient Black Hole

In recent years researchers have been fascinated by an object which is located near the boundaries of our solar system, as it seems to influence smaller objects which orbit around the sun.

The influenced objects tend to follow unusual oval-shaped objects which follow the same tilt and direction, traits which infer that an unseen force could guide them. At first it was believed that the phenomena were caused by an elusive planet which is known in the scientific community as Planet Nine.

A new paper argues that the culprit could be a primordial black hole, which is a type of black hole that formed during the Big Bang.  The existence of primordial black holes has not been documented at this point, but some researchers argue that they could be encountered quite often in the universe.

The paper explores the possibility that Planet Nine could be a primordial black hole, including methods which could allow researchers to learn more about an elusive object. It is thought that the best way to track down the object involves the use of gamma rays.

A zone of interest is the Kuiper Belt, a region located near the edge of the solar system which is filled with icy bodies and small asteroids. Several objects which come from this area pursue interesting orbits which hint that an external factor can influence them.

During the recent study, the researchers explored data related to the interesting objects while also taking into account the fact that light which travels around the solar system tends to bend due to something which has not been explained. It is argued that both phenomena could be caused by a primordial black hole with the size of a bowling ball and the mass of 10 Earths.

Until clear proof about the nature of the object can be identified, it is not possible to offer a definite answer about it. More information could surface in the future.

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