Preventing Extinction: NASA Launched New Mission In Search For Potential Killer Asteroids

NASA is working really hard to secure the planet’s future and the agency’s latest move only comes to confirm this.

Now, the space agency is funding a brand new mission that will be hunting for Near-Earth Objects or asteroids that have the potential of posing a threat to our planet.

It’s been revealed by official notes that there’s a total $35.6 million that’s been provided for this new massive project, which is called the Near Earth Object Surveillance Mission.

The agency plans to launch a new space satellite, complete with infrared camera, and this little buddy will hunt for asteroids in the vicinity of Earth.

The online publication reported that back on December 20, President Donald Trump “signed the ‘minibus’ spending law, which provides an additional $22.6billion (£17.3billion) for NASA.”

They continued and noted that “Of this $2.7billion (£2.1billion) will go to NASA’s planetary science funding line, that will be used to fund the new project.”

NASA has to find NEOs with at least 140m in diameter 

It’s been also revealed that Congress has ordered NASA to find all NEOs, which are at least 140 meters in diameter.

This was the point that has been chosen as having a regional impact in case they hit our planet.

The online publication mentioned above noted that the mission would be run from the University of Arizona under the leadership of Amy Mainzer.

She explained the main goals of this impressive project.

“This mission would answer a fundamental question: Are there asteroids or comets out there that can cause harm to the Earth over the next century?”

Just the other day, we revealed that NASA’s plans are full of surprises and tasks.

The space agency made headlines regarding its robotic rover that has to complete an impressive journey in 2020. The mission of the rover will be around Mars.

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