Proof of Alien Life is Near and Predetermined

We could find out soon if we’re not alone, in only a couple of years, according to the latest study. Two probes are being launched to an odd moon exploding with the elements of life. Jupiter’s moon Europa seems to have an energy source, soluble water, and organic compounds, three elements of life.

Back in August 2019, NASA announced that it would develop a space probe, dubbed the Europa Clipper, to examine that shining treasure of that world in the 2030s. The chances of discovering alien life, well, are surprisingly high. Also, identifying living creatures, such as microbes, outside our planet might bring significant scientific, religious, and social implications.

“It seems inevitable other life is out there, especially considering that life appeared on Earth so soon after the planet was formed,” stated Cathal O’Connell from the Unversity of Melbourne.

Approaching the Second Genesis

O’Connell added: “Bacteria, fungi, cacti, and cockroaches are all our cousins and we all share the same basic molecular machinery: DNA that makes RNA, and RNA that makes protein.” Biologists would start a process of analysis, establishing what elements of the machinery of life are vital.

And they’d identify how much is the effect of evolutionary circumstances. But, thinking that identifying similarities would bring a more radical result. Either way, we would search and look for, Europa will hold the key.

Salt Particles of the Earth

Jupiter’s icy moon Europa is a treasure of Milky Way. It does have a bright and shiny aspect. And that’s because it’s covered in a crust of water ice. But we didn’t start appreciating and seeing Europa as we do nowadays if it wasn’t for a 1990s mission.

The Galileo probe discovered back in the day some substantial proof that indicates the presence of oceans twice as big as our planet’s under the ice. And that water appeared to be salty. “It may well be normal table salt (sodium chloride) – just like on Earth,” explained Chris Arridge from Lancaster University.

Fire Under the Ice Layer

Europa’s lightly off-kilter orbit makes Jupiter’s gravity to vary. The moon’s center is permanently being compressed and discharged, developing friction, and a hot center.

We’ve found out how hydrothermal vents enhance the bottoms of Earth’s most in-depth, darkened seas. They support flourishing populations of microbes converting the mineral-laden liquids into energy.

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