Quantum Internet Is Closer Than We Imagined

US Army researchers have fruitfully transmitted quantum entanglement between matter and light, which brings quantum Internet closer to happening. Don’t let, however, the fancy name fool you, as it has nothing to do with some futuristic and utopic method to navigate the web. As a matter of fact, quantum Internet will look just like the Internet we are currently using.

However, quantum Internet is believed to be capable of protecting us against current and future menaces. According to some cryptographers and scientists, such an invention would provide the military with sensing and timekeeping abilities that would be impossible on today’s version of the Internet. 

One Step Closer To A Quantum Internet

Supervised and funded by the Army Research Office, researchers from the University of Innsbruck have been able to transfer quantum entanglement between matter and light. Moreover, they managed to do this across a distance of 50,000 meters, using fiber optic cables.

However, you may ask, why is this such a big deal?

Entanglement happens when two particles are irreversibly connected. It speaks about a link that can be created between quantum entities like qubits. That means two entangled qubits will impact the result of each other’s measurement, even when the qubits are not closely located to each other. 

Dr. Ben Lanyon, an experimental physicist at the University of Innsbruck and principal researcher of this project said that the 50-kilometer distance between the quantum entities they managed to achieve is two orders of magnitude further than was previously possible. 

This is a possible distance to start developing intercity quantum networks, Dr. Lanyon added.

The intercity quantum networks are distant, yet entangled nodes of physical qubits, which is necessary to set up a quantum Internet.

Quantum Internet Can Enhance Communications Technologies

Quantum Internet provides a major advantage over the current network, and that is security. It offers abilities for high security and even quantum teleportation.

​Therefore, information that impacts our day-to-day life, such as banking data and private emails, will no longer be subjected to online theft. Quantum Internet will solve these interception problems.

Thanks to numerous scientists working on the development of this kind of Internet, the future is closer than anyone can imagine.

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