Quantum Teleportation Has Been Achieved With the Help of Quantum Entanglement

For the first time ever, specialists from the University of Bristol and the Technical University of Denmark have managed to quantum-teleportate data between two computer processors by using quantum entanglement.

The discovery is incredibly important when considering the fact that the researchers sent the information from one chip to another, while they were physically in two different places, and had had no links in between. The team of scientists has said that this recent significant discovery could lead to the use of quantum computers and quantum Internet.​

Scientists used a couple of entangled photons on the chip and then conducted a quantum measurement on one of the photons. Due to the quantum entanglement process – where the two particles are linked, they can communicate over incredibly long distances – the other processor had its properties altered.

“We were able to demonstrate a high-quality entanglement link across two chips in the lab, where photons on either chip share a single quantum state,” explains quantum physicist Dan Llewellyn from the University of Bristol in the UK.

“Each chip was then fully programmed to perform a range of demonstrations which utilize the entanglement.”

It’s a Magical Process

This attainment is borderline magical if you think about it. The team was able to alter one chip, and via quantum entanglement, the other processor had its quantum condition changed. Until now, researchers couldn’t achieve this significant effort and were restricted to teleporting quantum bits, also known as qubits.

“The flagship demonstration was a two-chip teleportation experiment, whereby the individual quantum state of a particle is transmitted across the two chips after a quantum measurement is performed,” says Llewellyn.

“This measurement utilizes the strange behavior of quantum physics, which simultaneously collapses the entanglement link and transfers the particle state to another particle already on the receiver chip.”

This is a massive step forward the future and more so multi-dimensional quantum teleportation. If the study continues without encountering any issues, the future of quantum computing used for communication could be a significant instrument in the next few decades.

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