Radiation Contamination Fears: Raging Wildfires In Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Are Burning For Eight Days

As if the coronavirus fears wouldn’t be enough these days, something new is tormenting people’s minds.

It’s been revealed that wildfires burning through radioactive forests in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone are getting closer and closer to the exploded nuclear reactor.

Firefighters have been rushing to build firebreaks around the sarcophagus that’s covering the ruined plant in Ukraine amidst the swirling winds, according to the latest info coming from the online publication the Daily Mail.

“A forest fire in Ukraine’s Chernobyl Exclusion Zone lasted two days. The State Emergencies Service of Ukraine reported that a team of 138 firefighters were deployed to extinguish the fire in two spots with a total area of 25 hectares,” Reuters was writing about a week ago.

Growing contagion fears 

The same online publication notes that there are some growing fears that flames could reach abandoned trucks and other vehicles that have been contaminated from the disastrous 1986 explosion.

There’s a video from firefighter Andrei Kukib which shows an emergency vehicle that’s driving through the raging fire to the polluted ‘dead zone’. You can check out the video on the Daily Mail’s website.

These dangerous fires have been blazing for nine days now in the location that’s surrounding the disused plant.

Last Tuesday, it’s been revealed that the fire covered about 87 acres and it also tripled its size due to the strong winds.

There are growing fears of radiation in the ground being unleashed by the fire that can reach the nearest city Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, and more populated areas.

Kateryna Pavlova, a senior official involved in the firefighting, stated the following: “We have been working all night digging firebreaks around the plant to protect it from fire.”

She also told The New York Times: “At the moment, we cannot say the fire is contained.”

We recommend that you check out more info on the subject from the original article. Also, make sure to check out the video above.

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