Relocating To Another Planet Is Insane, Nobel Prize Laureate Says

Humans will never relocate to other planets, Swiss astrophysicist Michel Mayor says. He is the winner of the Nobel prize for physics for his work in detecting exoplanets.

Perhaps it’s time we should all seriously consider taking care of this planet, and fight the threats it faces.

The first exoplanet with the capacity to host life as we are familiar with, meaning it was orbiting a star similar to our sun, was found in 1995 by Mayor and his colleague Didier Queloz, both laureates of the Nobel prize for physics. Over time, scientists have confirmed the existence of over 4,000 exoplanets. However, we cannot migrate to them, says Mayor.

He said that these exoplanets are way too far away, and even in the case of a livable planet that is not too far, the time to arrive on its surface is considerable. We are talking about hundreds of millions of days with the current technology.

Migrating Outside Our Solar System Is Impossible

Instead of focusing on colonizing other planets in our galaxy, the Nobel prize laureate says, ‘we must take care of our planet.’ And he sure is right. The current space hunt may not be a straight out response to climate crisis science, but it’s actually an incredible distraction from the present, scientifically proven disaster uncoiling here on Earth.

Therefore, if exoplanets are out of the question, excluding some utopic technology like quantum warping, we don’t really have any other option. Mars? The dry planet cannot be inhabited. In spite of some claiming that ‘nuking’ it would set in motion the atmosphere, there is no available technology able to terraform the planet in order to make it livable.

There is a reason you don’t see people moving to Antarctica: because uninhabitable means you cannot survive without premises that do not appear naturally. The difficulty of surviving on Mars is close to infinitely more arduous than living on Earth’s icy desert of Antarctica.

There is a possibility we will ultimately build small colonies on the Moon and Mars, but to move the entire human population in one of these places is insane and impossible.

If we are trying to save the human species, we need to fight the current crisis the Earth faces because developing cosmic ships will not save us.

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