Researchers Explore the Amount of Carbon Stored on Earth

A new paper elaborated by researchers who contribute to the Deep Carbon Observatory notes that there are 1, 86 billion, billion tons of carbon on our planet, with up to 99% being locked in the ground. The data used in the study has been collected over ten years, as researchers measured and assessed the traits of the chemical element.

It is already thought that the new data could play an important role in future research, allowing that to learn more about the planet and to anticipate volcanic eruptions. The initiative was inspired by the role played by carbon in a variety of contexts.

The amount of carbon which leads to climate change is quite small in comparison to the one which is present in the inner areas of Earth. More than 90% of the carbon leads among the crust, mantle, and core of the planet.

The amount of data related to it was limited as researchers didn’t know how much carbon existed, how it can move from one place to another, and the spots where it can be found in abundance.

Obtaining this data was a difficult process that involved the need to monitor the number of gasses released by major volcanoes and the analysis of deep-sea soil samples that were recovered from the areas where the tectonic plates meet.

Up to 20% of 1% of the total carbon amount is present on the surface, in the air, oceans and the land. The remaining amount is located in deep reservoirs, with 66% being found in the core. By using information related to the evolution of plate tectonics the researchers created a model that shows how carbon accumulated over time. The amount of carbon which has been absorbed in the last billion years tends to be almost on par with the amount which ten via volcanic eruptions and other phenomena.

The study now in a scientific journal.

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