Researchers Have Developed a Calculator to Approximate How Many Alien Civilizations There Are

Alien life experts have managed to build an online calculator approximate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations that could actually communicate with our home planet in the Universe. This research has been brought to the attention of plenty of journalists all around the globe after claims that there would be 36 alien civilizations in the Milky Way. According to various experts, this work does not only provide insights into the chances of there being alien life, but it could also shed some light onto our own future and even the overall place and role we have in the cosmos.

Nowadays, a pair of scientists have been inspired by this research to develop a calculator capable of replicating the study. Steven Wooding, a British member of the Institute of Physiscs, together with Domink Czernia, who is candidating for a PhD in molecular physics and is affiliated with the Institute of Nuclear Physics in Poland, have declared their reasons for developing this online tool.

In a recent interview with, they have explained that they simply wanted to create a tool that engages the public in the scientific part of this question we all find ourselves asking way too often, which is “Is it just us in the universe?”. The calculator enables people to see what the inputs from the model have been taken from the research paper and which of them have not been.

Using the calculator, people can simply change some values from the input and see what the effect is, essentially instantly. It is thus more interactive than reading a regular scientific paper, which most people really will not do. This basically means that the calculator gives people more of area; feel regarding the range of values for the number of extraterrestrial civilizations existing in various galaxies, including the Milky Way.

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